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We are a Private Health Facility

We are the most equipped rehabilitation center with the latest rehabilitation equipment in Hradec Králové and offer comprehensive rehabilitation care at a high level. We provide fast, effective relief and remove both acute and chronic pain in the locomotor system without analgesics.


At Reha Center the best physiotherapists


Specialized Doctors, Orthopedics and Neurology

Magnetic Resonance

It is the most accurate method for examining the soft tissues..


We are equipped with the latest high-performance physiotherapy devices and equipment

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You will find:
An advanced rehabilitation center that creates a customized treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique medical needs. The facility provides a calm atmosphere for rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists use the most advanced treatment techniques and practices available. Our services are cost-effective and we are proud to take care of you, to help you to get back better and in good shape again.
If you are not sure whether physiotherapy is right for you? So we provide 10 minutes of FREE consultation to see if physiotherapy is appropriate for your condition.

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Our Partners

In Czech Republic:

  • Malík a spol.s.r.o.
  • Sanatorium of Sv. Anna
  • Medicon Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)
  • Dr. Karel Horel
  • Dr. Jan Charvát
  • Dr. Mohamed Farrag
  • Dr. Zuzana Poláková


  • Allain pharmacy group, United Arab Emirates
  • The life-world of medical device, UAE
  • Albawadi Clinic, UAE
  • Dr. Naser Al Qoud, Kuwait
  • Dr. Saleh Al Amri, Oman
  • Dr. Mohamed Al Jamal, Bahrain
  • Almani Medical Company, Germany

Our Mission....

Our mission is to run a rehabilitation center that provides physical therapy services in a caring, professional environment. Our goal is to tailor each patient’s experience based on each doctor’s recommendations and the initial interview information, as well as provide ongoing feedback to patients and doctors. Reha centrum s.r.o. is committed to providing an environment that releases the highest quality care.